If you’ve been managing an online business of your own, then you already know what a tough job it really is. An online business requires you to have an intent, purpose, and a strategy.  Every action you take needs to be done with a certain intention to fulfill a certain goal, whether it’s a long term or a short term goal, what matters is that you’re heading in the right direction. You must also have a purpose as to why or what your online business is trying to achieve, this will set the tone for your business. Finally, to pull everything together and have everything in line, you’re going to need a well-rounded strategy that will help organize every aspect of your business. It may be quite difficult to do everything on your own; this is why some people decide to hire help. It could be a VA, a strategist, a coach or just someone who can help you work your processes faster.

Here are three signs you need, to outsource your business

Reason 1:  You are overwhelmed – When you feel bogged down by all your tasks, it might be a good time to call in some reinforcements. My client Rochelle was the queen of the never ending to-do list. Every day, she wouldn’t complete her list but add something to it. We worked to find a time management system that would help dwindle down that overwhelming list and focus on the main thing.

Reason 2:   You feel you spend too much time on it – Professionals know all the secrets to being more efficient. You can pass it off to the pros and instead spend more time on what you do best – your own business. Je Tuan was spending way too much time re-purposing and scheduling her social media content, together we created a targeted action plan including onboarding a virtual assistant to help her through the process.

Reason 3:  You’re falling behind on other business tasks – If you find that you are falling behind on other business related tasks due to the amount of time you spend on one specific area of your business, this is an indicator you might need some help. Gabrielle could not gain clarity on what needed to be done because she had no system to track what needed to be complete. She spent more time focused on the same tasks that limited her ability to be visible online.

While it’s easy to do it all on our own there are benefits of having help! There’s no shame in your ask either! Still not sure what tasks you can get help with? Check out my top 5 Tasks you can outsource below!