I’m a Mental Health Activist, Author life and business Synergist™, who loves to support heart-centered women entrepreneurs striving to ditch overwhelm,  rewrite a new story in life and run an amazing business. You can be an amazing woman. business owner, raise awesome children and thrive in life and business (trust me, I’m doing it!).

There is something called “burn-out” – and I get that too. Burnout comes from the neverending to do list, multi-tasking, trying to manage a household and run a business.  That so-called “work/life balance”? That Does NOT exhist. It’s  living in a constant state of flight or fight that causes burnout, overwhelm, and confusion

Know this: There’s more to life than surviving, you were made to Thrive! Your business has the ability go with the flow. The problem is US. We begin to fall out of synch and our  limited self-belief and self-defeating truths that are keeping us  stuck from thriving in life. The overwhelming work/life balance that  hinders  progress and our ability and drive to move forward stops. I know I’ve been there and it required me to change my beliefs.

Here are What I Believe in

I Believe in Transformational Storytelling

I Believe in Overcoming Obstacles

I Believe in the Power of Manifestation

I Believe in Life Synergy!

The key to life success, mental/emotional clarity and wellness is to eliminate the idea of Life/Work Balance and begin to create a Synergistic Lifestyle!  Once I eliminated my belief in the work/life balance, I broke free from merely surviving and onto Synergizing and Thriving!

About Me (The Real Me!)


I’m an awesome and sometimes exhausted mother of three different ability children. Two of my children have Autism and one has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder– we never have a dull moment in this house! Learning to manage my household as a single mother, raising my children required a sort of life/work balance. I had to find strategies that would bring balance, defeat depression, beat overwhelm, and overcome life’s obstacles to make it through difficult times. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a process: a process that debunks the myth of the work/ life balance–SYNERGY.

BUT I haven’t always been this synergized. I grew up with daddy issues, lived in violent domestic partnerships, lived with a previously unknown mental illness, and low self-confidence. I was a seeker and I ran until I found some co-dependent relationship to feed my need to feel loved, appreciated and seen. It wasn’t until I was hospitalized in 2012 for suicidal idealization with a plan that I realized that I needed support.  I was once  hospitalized and was diagnosed with Postpartum Psychosis and Bipolar Disorder.  Going through this experience helped me realize that I had the “Single Mom Superhero” complex.  I was always trying to keep it together on the outside but on the inside, everything else was falling apart.  My hospitalization was the turning point on my road to recovery. This road to recovery has led me on a path of self-discovery.

That road led me to my new practice of Synergy™–the process of bringing life and business into full balance eliminating the need to pull one way or another: the process of being, accepting, knowing, and loving.

My Professional History


I’ve spent 7 years working as a personal and virtual assistant. From CEOs to creatives, SMEs and the like. I’ve used my extensive marketing background to help businesses thrive and grow! I had done everything from social media, email management, email follow-up, schedule-setting and the like. But the common thread between all my clients was there may still be kinks in the process but you will not allow life’s moments to stop you from pressing through to where you are trying to go!

The Organizations I Work With


Brown Sisters Speak – Founder

Our Mission is to increase awareness of mental health issues affecting  women of color and the stigmas around them. We educate, empower, and advocate for women of color living with or supporting someone with a mental health condition.

Sidewalk Talk – East Bay City Leader & Volunteer Coordinator

Description: Sidewalk Talk is a community listening project which offers community listening on city sidewalks. We quite simply take two chairs, one for us and one for you, out on city streets sit down and offer to listen to anyone about anything.  

Resilient Wellness – Board Member & Community Health Educator

Description: Here at Resilient Wellness, we are dedicated to eliminating health disparities and preventable disease. We advocate for alternative solutions and provide a voice to communities

impacted by Multi-generational Trauma.