The holidays are fast approaching (it’s already Hanukkah)Christmas and Kwanzaa are headed our way.  If you’re like me I find myself in the never-ending cycle of doing all the things- shopping, holiday party hostess gifts, tax preparation. Etc



My body goes into hyperdrive with our neverending to-do lists in my life.   (Not so much my business now that I have a team! ) I wanted to share 3 quick tips on how I manage stress as an entrepreneur this time of year-

  1. Listen for the Silver Bells -aka Be Aware of your body’s stress radar. You know the lyric in silver bells “ Hear them ring, ring a ling”  Stress sends that same feeling to your body. Sometimes it shows up as you being short-tempered, chaos, or is a quiet nagging feeling. Take time to Notice the stress bells in your life. 
  2. Delegate to reduce your workload!!!!! I am a huge proponent of NOT Doing all the things.My uncle would remind me “ Rome wasn’t built in a day” Which is true, as entrepreneurs we forget how easy it is to ask for help- Write down the help you need, clarify the need with a friend, and ask for help. Now is not the time to be in control.
  3. Gift Yourself Some Self Care- Now’s the time of year for you to buy the foot massager you’ve always wanted ( I bet it’s on sale) Make it a habit to schedule you some intentional  Self Care time. I don’t mean go to the spa, get a facial, and spend $100 on yourself. ( Well it’s ok to splurge occasionally) For me self-care is simply picking up dirty laundry off the bathroom floor, reading a book, watching Super Soul Sunday or binging on Christmas Flicks via Netflix. During this season try to spend at least 45 minutes a day giving yourself some you time.  You do you this holiday season, because you can’t give from an empty cup.

Managing stress as an entrepreneur can be tricky, but once you fine-tune a stress strategy you can win in life and business!

How do you manage stress as an entrepreneur? Leave me a comment